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Lilly walked into the tea-house slowly, being careful not to bump into anyone as the sound of her cane tapping against the floor echoed through out the room. Judging by the way the sound echoed, and the lack of other noises… It did seem as if the place was almost entirely empty. There was the occasional clink of china being set down, yes, but nothing that indicated a particularly large amount of people.

So it was that Lilly spoke to the person working the entrance, so that they would lead her to a table that she might sit at. This was bound to be a fairly relaxing day, in this new city… Or so she thought.

[ It was out of luck that Hanako found this tea house lodged in one of the calmest sectors. After the library, this is definitely her second favourite place. She could move back and forth from both buildings and spend the rest of her whole life in there if she so wished, away from the danger, away from these so called ‘experiments’, and with the only hope she can go back home as soon as possible.

Thoughts jumbling in her mind, the purple haired girl sits at a lonely corner of the room, and takes a sip of her lukewarm tea, which she left to cool a little too much because of getting lost in her own mind. If only her best friend was here, she would have been reminded of such detail, but as things are now, neither Lilly, nor Hisao, nor her schoolmates have been found.

Raising her eyes to look at her surroundings, afraid that someone would approach her all of a sudden… she spots something that nearly makes her drop the cup. ]

"L… Lil… Lilly?!"

[ She harshly puts the cup down, spilling some content over the tablecloth and her own hand, but she doesn’t notice as she abruptly stands up. Her only fixation is towards that one spot where her blonde haired friend is walking. Right then it doesn’t matter if people are going to hear her, judge her, yell at her. She has to scream that name, and she will, proceeding with big steps towards that girl she loves so much. ]

"Lilly! Lilly!!! Lilly!!!"

[ Hanako honest doesn’t know what to feel, except that she needs to hold those hands, her precious friend’s hands, as if what she’s seen wasn’t just an illusion. ]

» ❀ Facing your Fears away from Home [Intro/Open]


[The redhead boy nodded at her question since there were several lodging places in the city but money was an issue, he knew it but he was at least fortunate enough to be able to stay for free at an empty room in his workplace thanks to his boss so expenses were reduced mostly to his food and few other things. He scratched his head and then voiced his thoughts out loud.]

Well maybe I can lend you the money so you can stay in one for a week?


[He proposed to help this way since he just couldn’t leave a girl to her own fate after he had found out she needed help. He knew finding work in this place could be hard but he could even tell his boss to let her work there if she wished for it since the place was in need of some extra hands for more than just physical labor like he was doing.]


[ Borrow money? Her eyes widen at such display of generousity. But she can’t take such offer from him… it wouldn’t be right, and she doesn’t want to look like a helpless beggar. Even then, would she be able to withstand weeks of sleeping in a dangerous place, unable to defend herself? Fighting the urge to bite her lower lip, Hanako hesitates a lot. ]

"Thank you f-for the offer, but… I don’t wish to t-take anything without being able to repay…"

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At first, Senida wondered why she had looked away. However, seeing the look on her face, she could only guess that the dark-haired girl was nervous, or at the very least a little uneasy. She didn’t want to be rude and point it out, since she already made that mistake once before. So, she decided to ignore it for the time being, instead taking the time to answer her question.


"You don’t?" It was surprising to her, since most of Hive City’s citizens knew the city like the back of their hand. "I can do that. It’s no trouble at all!" Keeping in mind where they were currently at, the wizard chose her words carefully when giving her instructions. "Down the road from here, you take a right turn. After that, it’s a straight road for a while. Another right turn at the street corner, and the train station should be there. It’ll take a while, but that’s the quickest way to Sector Six. You just have to remember which stop to get off on. I hope that helps!"

"I’m still k-kinda new here, so… I’m sorry."

[ There’s no reason to apologize for not knowing the whole city map yet, but she feels the need to express her own regret vocally. It’s a good thing the stranger didn’t push on the fact she’s not looking straight at her, as it would have worsened her anxiety further.

As the other girl gives her indications, Hanako attempts to push her own worries away and memorize everything. Thankfully she’s got a pretty sharp memory, all thanks to the books she read and the many quotes she took upon herself to remember from her favourite novels. ]

"I see… I think I-I got it. Thank you, m-miss…"

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» ❀ Facing your Fears away from Home


          A familiar scenario from the past reached through him with perseverance making a difference out of the two. Averting her gaze came out as a difficult move which made him a little dejected for not saying something that will ease her uneasiness. Instead of improving the situation, he was reflectively maneuvering her actions, unknowingly and foolishly. The ambiance turned heavy in a short span of seconds, minutes even. Such meetings were unoriginal or perhaps it’s just him reading too much books about cliché encounters then again, was it really the time to care more about those? Engaging back to reality, he digitized her concinnity inside his foggy mind with a slender finger rubbing his azure shirt which caused a mild friction but never did he pay more attention to it.


          He didn’t mind the silence. He didn’t mind her staring as well. It’ll take more than that to anger a teen named Minato Arisato. It’s less effort to make him smirk than pull him in a corner of suppressed madness and he did so with no further ado as the sinister air is starting to knock his patience down. Fascinating, she is for not pushing him once more and stumble on her feet as she tries to escape. Not all damaged people have the guts to face their fears of people seeing them in a more negative side as they tend to be misguided because of their quite never ending distress. The Fool inserted his free hand inside the pocket of his jeans with orbs of sapphire moving back and forth from the floor to her visage.

          ”Please do me a small favor and not think much about it,” he politely requests. “…believe me, I’m well.”


          And asking out of curiosity may not be so bad. “I suppose… you’re new here?”

[ If only she could feel more at ease with just being told not to think much about such events, there wouldn’t be a shaky and most definitely terrified girl standing in front of him. However, Hanako knows he’s trying to help the situation by throwing the past accident behind. It wasn’t a big deal after all. People bump into each other all the time. It was lucky for them that she didn’t accidentally shove him in the middle of a busy road, or worse, in the middle of a railroad seconds before a train passes.

Trying to even up her breath so she won’t risk passing out, the scarred girl avoids his gaze, nails scraping the palm of her other hand— a clear sign of extreme nervousness. Her eyes are burning from the many artificial lights, but she won’t rub at them for fear that he’ll see that as her crying and looking more pitiful. Eventually she closes them, looking like she’s thinking about the question he’s just thrown at her.

Not that she needs to think about that specific one. It hasn’t even been a hour since she started wandering the streets helplessly. She nods vaguely, lowering her eyes to look down at her own hands, not realizing she caused a few light scratch marks upon her palm until she went looking. ]


"I’m not sure where I-I’m going… I just know they t-told me I now live in District Alpha, n-nothing else."

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Hanako by Kei-yo

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in a feels-y mood so i drew mai waifu, Hanako

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I miss Hanako :( 

I feel like I should go back and play her route and re-experience the feels of joy :O

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Katawa Shoujo Characters - In no particular order

(2/5Hanako Ikezawa

I really like Hanako, and her arcs are a lot of fun to play - if you define fun as totally heart crushing. Her bad ending was a real kick in the face. You gotta admit, every other time, Hisao kind of had it coming. But with Hanako, he was really truly trying to help. But WHAM- good intentions or not, he screwed up. I used to really love her good ending. Still do, but not as much. Actually, it makes me a little sad. I just feel like Hanako got a better ending through Lilly’s path - which I suppose is reflective of the original script. All things considered though, I can see why Lilly and Hisao so enjoy doting on her; she’s so cute!


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